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Five Summer Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

on June 23, 2013
It’s that time of year again where the Danskos and boots head to the back of the closet and the summer footwear is center stage.  If you are like me and have been plagued with the heel pain too many of us runners know as plantar fasciitis, how quickly I can get a pedicure is not my biggest concern for the summer footwear unveiling.
After a lot of calf stretching, insole wearing (I swear by the PowerStep Pinnacle insole) and rolling my heal over a lacrosse ball, my heel pain is much less than it was a year ago.  This makes me even more motivated not to screw up the healing process by wearing careless summer shoes so needless to say, I have put A LOT of thought and a bit of money as well into creating a summer shoe wardrobe that is both stylish and plantar fasciitis friendly.
Frye Reagan Campus Driver

I was looking for a pair of summer boat shoes and after extensive research on Zappos, I decided to pay a bit more and buy a pair rated for comfort and arch support. I love the vast array of colors these are offered in as well.

Crocs Huarache Flip Flop


Crocs have a brand new look in these colorful Mexican-inspired huaraches. With their traditional Crocs squishiness, they are as comfortable as they are cute and colorful.

Terox Flip Flops


I came across these shoes at a local shop in downtown Boise. The owner of the shop explained that they are designed and made in Idaho. At first blush I thought the shoes were kind of ugly Croc copycats but I decided to buy a red pair to support the business and because they were so darn comfortable. I have to tell you after having them for three weeks they are truly my favorite pair of shoes to wear around the house. I’m even planning to buy a black or brown pair to leave at work and wear on days I wear heels while I’m standing at my desk (I have a standing desk.) And they are actually quite cute, especially the fun pink, turquoise, orange and red colors. I think of them as my new summer slippers and put them on the minute I get out of bed so my plantar fasciitis doesn’t become aggravated by that first painful step each morning.

Ahnu Karma
I just bought these shoes last week and wore them for the first time on Friday.  They are very comfortable and feel cushy and comfortable with the perfect amount of support for healing heels.  I love all of the color options as well.  One note, I had to send my original pair back because they felt too big and order a half size down.
Keen Rose Sandal
Classic Keen, these are comfortable and cute.  Another pair of my favorites this summer.  I bought the red and am coveting grape.
With this line up and a few other things I am doing for rehabilitation, I expect to conquer my plantar fasciitis rather than aggravate it this summer.

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  1. Justine says:

    Both Crocs and Keen have come a long way haven’t they? I love how comfortable they are.

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